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   AdSapient is open source ad server software written in Java using Struts, Hibernate, Tiles and Ant for compilation.
   Formerly a commercial product it has all ad serving features one would wish to see in an ad server.
   It is fine-tuned to be used with MySQL and started on JBoss. But you can use any other relational database and application server. Its performance depends on the complexity of targeting settings and other factors but you can expect around 250 million ad views on one machine.
   The product is quite mature and stable. It can be used in production right away. The source code is well-documented and written in the best traditions of OOP. There is plugin functionality implemented that enables you to easily add new modules.
   We invite you to join the open source process and benefit from using AdSapient as well as help us to improve its quality. Contact us if you would like to gain developer status at SourceForge for the AdSapient project.
Mission Statement
   AdSapient is an established ad serving company, developer of cutting-edge open source ad server software and application service provider thereof.
   The main priorities in our work are:
  • customer-centric approach with the complete solution being the product of our work;
  • harnessing talent, innovation and technology to reach best results for our clients;
  • development of top-notch applications and rendering services that comply with the best industry standards and practices.
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    AdSapient Ad Network AdSapient Banner Manager
       Launch your own ad network with the reachest set of targeting, tracking and performance optimization features on the market.
       Maximize your online advertising profits by bringing together the key players: advertisers & publishers.
       Target ads to your sites by user profile, interests, location or behavior.
       Generate publishing, advertising, financial reports.
       Increase campaigns' ROI using advanced post-click tracking functionality as well as capping options.
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    License (GPL v.2)
    AdSapient Wiki - Online Documentation
    01.03.2006AdSapient goes Open Source under GPL (v.2).
    10.09.2005AdSapient Personalized Ads Technology opens new prospects for online commerce. Read more >>
    08.07.2005With the new version of AdSapient Ad Network (v.1.8) we enhance our software functionality with such features as handling dynamic XML banners, CPC keywords campaigns and PPC fraud prevention. Read more >>
    11.05.2005AdSapient Ad Network Software is out. It is a complete ad network solution packed with all required ad serving features and performance optimization mechanisms. Read press release >>
    1.06.2004With the release of a new version of AdSapient Banner Manager we bring in a unique feature set filled with targeting, reporting and post-click tracking functionality. See the list of features >>
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